New furnace & AC in Pittsford

This customer had a fully functioning system, but felt that it was time to upgrade and fine tune a new system to their home. We removed an existing furnace and air conditioner, and replaced it with an upgraded 2 stage, 80% AFUE furnace with ECM blower and 14.5 SEER air conditioning system. Due to the fact that an old R-22 Freon system was here, we went ahead and replaced the line set (piping between outdoor and indoor portion of the A/C) as well.

After installation, the system was fully tested and adjusted to precise specifications within the home. After followup with the customer, despite the fact that their previous system was only about 20 years old, they reported a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Equipment Installed

  • York TM8X – single stage, 80% AFUE furnace with ECM high efficiency blower motor
  • York YCD – single stage AC, combined with high efficiency indoor coil for a 14.5 SEER air conditioning system
  • York powered humidifier for ultimate home humidity control during Rochester’s cold winter months
  • Condensate pump to handle drainage from humidifier and AC coil without running pipes along the floor
  • iWave-R ion air purifier rated to handled up to 2400 CFM of air flow