Installing a Brand New HVAC System for a Customer in Mendon

A customer in Mendon was struggling with never ending issues from an old furnace, and had an air conditioner that was the same age. After discussing the best options for his home and his family, he decided to use our best recommendation for his home. This involved all new York HVAC equipment that included a high efficiency 2 stage furnace, new air conditioner, high efficiency coil, and an ion type air purification system.

There was a lot of work to be done here before the actual installation could begin. A fly by night contractor had a mess of incorrect wiring, metal work made out of what appeared to be tin foil, and all sorts of other odd things that needed to be corrected. Our expert team of HVAC technicians brought everything up to spec, installed this phenomenal new system that was designed for the home, and properly commissioned the entire system for the ultimate in home comfort and efficiency.

HVAC Equipment Installed:

  • York TM9Y – 2 Stage High Efficiency Furnace
  • York YCD – Combined with high efficiency indoor coil for a 14+ SEER air conditioning system
  • New digitally controlled thermostat
  • Ion style air purification system