Replacing an old oil furnace and adding AC in Pittsford.

This Pittsford, NY customer did not have natural gas or air conditioning in their home at all, and were relying on an old oil burning furnace. We safely removed the old oil tank and oil furnace, piped the home with custom cut black iron gas piping for all new gas appliances, installed a new natural gas furnace, and added air conditioning. Ductwork was also worked on to improve air movement throughout the home, especially during AC season, as this home had never been air conditioned. All metal work and gas piping was of course cut and built on site for a clean, precise installation. As you can see from the old equipment coming out, this was no small task!

Like many other people in Rochester, this customer opted for a single stage standard efficiency furnace, a 14.5 SEER single stage air conditioner, and added in a Honeywell wi-fi enabled thermostat to control everything. As always, all necessary commissioning procedures were preformed to properly tune this highly updated system to a very cool farm style home.

Equipment Installed:

  • York TM8X – 80% AFUE single stage furnace
  • York YCD – Combined with high efficiency indoor coil for 14.5 SEER single stage A/C system
  • Honeywell wi-fi enabled thermostat