Replacing a Failed Furnace and Air Conditioner – Pittsford, NY

This Pittsford, NY customer found us through online research and word of mouth. They reached out to a competitor when their A/C had totally failed, and called us for another opinion. After finding out how much easier we are to work with, and how honest we are, it was not even a fair competition.

We replaced the entire system, including a lot of the ductwork (which was a complete mess, just take a look at the scrap pile!). We corrected countless issues with the line set and airflow (generating a healthy efficiency in crease even without the equipment updates), and then rebuilt a new system from the ground up. To keep their family comfortable, we suggested a high efficiency, 2 stage York furnace (correctly sized this time around), combined with a York 13 SEER air conditioner and matching high efficiency indoor A/C cool. To finish this off, the human interface was updated as well with our favorite wi-fi thermostat, the Ecobee. This system is so much quieter and more comfortable than what came out that it is almost unbelievable.

Congratulations on your new system, and here is to many years of unparalleled comfort in Pittsford!

Equipment Installed:

  • York TM9Y – 96% AFUE 2 stage high efficiency furnace
  • York YCD – Combined with high efficiency indoor coil for 14.5 SEER single stage A/C system
  • Ecobee wi-fi thermostat