Beat the Heat with a New AC this Spring!

This customer selected Mendon Heating and Cooling for her her new air conditioning system after interviewing numerous contractors in Rochester. After recently installing a new furnace when hers failed, she decided to beat the hot weather by installing a new AC system to match. Our team leveled out where the old air conditioner had sunk into the ground with several hundred pounds of stone crusher. We replaced the old line set with a much more free flowing design with custom sweeps created on site, and used brazing instead of cheap solder for ultra-high strength and durability.

There was no useless up-selling here either. He recommended one of the most durable air conditioners in the business that was properly matched to her home, and tuned with the high efficiency ECM drive air handler in her new furnace. Combine all of this work and system design with the massive high efficiency indoor evaporator coil that we installed, and she is left with a system that nearly matches higher SEER rated units, all for thousands less and with greater reliability!

Equipment Used:

  • York YCD 13 SEER Air Conditioner
  • York High Efficiency Indoor Evaporator Coil

Matched with:

  • York TM9Y High Efficiency 2 Stage Furnace