Upgrading a Problematic Goodman system with York!

After numerous issues with an older Goodman system and another contractor, this customer reached out to the Mendon Heating team. We were able to correct a number of issues here during the installation of a new furnace and air conditioner, leaving the customer with a significantly improved HVAC system for their home. Old drainage systems were corrected, wiring was corrected, the line set was replaced and significantly improved, ductwork and air flow was corrected, and air purification was addressed.

Like so many of our customers in Rochester, they opted for a York high efficiency furnace, and a 13 SEER York air conditioner. This was combined with a massive high efficiency coil to drive the SEER rating even higher, all while retaining the price point and greater reliability of the 13 SEER system (no wonder this is our favorite!). The air conditioner itself was brazed into place and set on several hundred pounds of stone crusher to maintain a solid base. This system is far overbuilt, especially considering what was there, and should provide them with several decades of incredible performance!

HVAC Equipment Installed:

  • York High Efficiency Furnace
  • York YCD Air Conditioner – 13 SEER then combined with high efficiency coil for over a 14 SEER rating
  • Ion type air purification system
  • Buffalo type return boot and easy change filter assembly