Expert installation services for your new furnace or new air conditioner.

When shopping for a new furnace or a new air conditioner, many people research HVAC equipment brands, but overlook the installation service team. What home owners are often not aware of is that reliability and service life are impacted mostly by installation quality, not the actual equipment brand. At Mendon Heating and Cooling, we strive for perfection from estimate to job completion. Our work is based on precise specifications, calculations, and over 70 years of experience in Rochester, NY.

Unrivaled craftsmanship.

We believe in traditional craftsmanship. All metal fabrication is done on site, by hand, to precise specifications for optimum air flow and efficiency. All gas pipe is custom cut and threaded black iron, no cheap flex lines. Everything is overbuilt with actual fasteners, not taped together. This avoids rattles, breakdowns, and headaches.

To us, every detail matters. How easy is your filter change? Is ductwork built in the most efficient way possible to reduce system strain and noise? This all makes a difference.

Quality in the details.

No Installation is complete without proper commissioning. This means setting precise blower speeds based on measurements in your home, fine tuning systems during multiple cycles, and ensuring that everything is properly adjusted and operating flawlessly.

Inexperienced or low grade installers will hook everything up and leave without completing the installation. This cut and run mentality leads to poor efficiency, high energy bills, breakdowns, and never ending headaches with your system.

Why does this matter?

Installation quality impacts:

  • Actual vs. rated efficiency

  • Breakdown and repair rate

  • Service life of equipment

  • Comfort within the home

  • Noise levels

  • Utility bills

With the internet, product research has become easy and second nature. So it makes sense to search for the best furnace / air conditioner brands, and check out different reviews, right? The problem is that when it comes to heating and cooling, it is typically the installer that makes the difference, not the equipment brand.

Installation quality impacts everything from actual efficiency to long term reliability. A bad installer can work with a brand and have a high break down rate, while a good installer can work with the same brand and have customers experience decades of trouble free performance.

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    Premium furnaces & air conditioners by York.

    With our strong focus on quality and craftsmanship, we need to offer a great product to match. Since the early 1980s we have exclusively sold York HVAC products, despite being set up to sell nearly all major brands available today.

    York offers some of the best warranties in the business, locally available parts (even for 30+ year old equipment), and phenomenal quality. York is backed by Johnson Controls, one of the biggest names in the business, and still builds their products right here in the U.S.A. Even the US Navy opted to install York HVAC equipment in its nuclear submarine fleet.