Keep your furnace and A/C running like new.

Regular maintenance will help keep your heating and cooling system running efficiently, prevent expensive breakdowns, and extend overall service life. Especially in an area like Rochester, where equipment can sit unused in harsh conditions for months at a time.

Typically, a furnace cleaning / tune up is recommended every two years on newer equipment, and every year on older furnaces. Air conditioning tune ups are essential every spring. This will make sure your air conditioner is running as efficiently as possible, and prevent expensive breakdowns over the course of the summer.

Furnace Tune Up / Cleaning

Scheduling a regular furnace cleaning ensures proper system functionality and safety. We recommend this every 2 years with a newer furnace, and yearly for older units.

  • Safety inspection / CO testing

  • Check filter / system airflow

  • Clean burner assembly

  • Sensor cleaning and testing

  • Blower motor cleaning

  • Inspection of heat exchanger

  • Inspect / test ignition system

Air Conditioner Tune Up

Air conditioner service is essential to maintaining system efficiency and functionality. This service is recommended every spring for all air conditioners in Rochester.

  • Clean outdoor condenser coil

  • Check filter and system airflow / pressure

  • Check refrigerant pressures

  • Verify normal operation

  • Evaluate equipment condition

  • Test and inspect electrical components

  • Inspect / clean condensate drains

Remember to Check your furnace filter!

Outside of regular maintenance, it is essential that you check your furnace filter regularly. This is critical to the overall service life and reliability of your heating and cooling system. Dirty filters are easily the number one cause of break downs and emergency service calls!

See our accessories page for information about filters and other options for your HVAC system.

Benefits of regular HVAC maintenance.

  • Increase service life of equipment

  • Prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns

  • Improve home air quality

  • Ensure safe operation

  • Maintain system efficiency