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Simplifying the heating and cooling business.

Mendon Heating & Cooling is a local HVAC contractor that has been proudly serving the Rochester, NY community for three generations. Based in Pittsford, NY, we offer 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week (no service contracts required). We are also available for regular furnace and air conditioner maintenance, and offer free estimates if you are planning to replace your HVAC equipment.

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A truly local HVAC contractor.

Mendon Heating & Cooling is based right here in Pittsford, NY. Unlike huge companies and out of state franchises with dedicated sales teams, we don’t work on commission. That means no high pressure sales tactics, no made up issues during regular HVAC service, no expensive service plans or contracts, and no up-selling of unnecessary heating and cooling equipment.

A Rochester Tradition.

It all began in 1948 with a fantastic father / grandfather, Russell J. Petralia. From working as a technician to becoming the supervisor of natural gas utilization, Russell’s career spanned 43 years at RG&E. His expertise in the HVAC trade was unrivaled, and has been passed down in our family for generations.

Heating and Cooling Team in Rochester

Our benefits.

We take great pride in our work. These are some of the advantages that you can expect with a furnace or air conditioner installed and maintained by our team.

  • No commissioned sales – we only recommend the right solutions
  • Lower energy bills – high performance heating & A/C systems correctly sized & installed to save on bills
  • Maximum efficiency – installation quality and tuning for maximum efficiency
  • Reliability – systems are overbuilt and correctly installed, preventing issues and break downs
  • Honest HVAC maintenance – we provide the most advanced heating and air conditioning service possible, to create customers for life
  • Installation quality – traditional craftsmanship, metal work done on-site (not pre built and taped into place), gas piping with black iron (no cheap flex lines), etc.
  • 24 hour service – we work day and night to keep you comfortable

Furnace and air conditioning services offered near Rochester, NY.


Schedule a furnace cleaning or air conditioner tune up.

  • Ensure optimum efficiency
  • Prevent costly and inconvenient breakdowns
  • Ensure safe operation
  • Extend service life

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Schedule a free estimate for a new furnace or air conditioner.

  • Free in-home consultations
  • No up-selling
  • Large range of equipment
  • Range of payment options, including financing

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No service contracts, no delays, no hassle. Available 24/7.

  • No service contracts
  • 24 hour service
  • Honest diagnostics and helpful repair advice
  • Price estimates up front

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Considering replacing your furnace or air conditioner?

There’s a lot of information out there about different furnace and air conditioner models. You’ll hear terms like high efficiency, 2 stage, AFUE, SEER, variable / modulating, but what does it all mean? We remove all of the nonsense, explain which options make the most sense, and help you make an informed decision about your heating and cooling equipment. Call us today for a free in-home consultation, or visit the link below for more information about our HVAC installation services.

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    Mendon Heating and Cooling Furnace - Rochester

    What is the best furnace or A/C for Rochester?

    Heating and cooling contractors can throw around a lot of different terms, push the priciest options, and hype up various brands or marketing terms. The reality is that nearly all brands use similar technology and, to some extent, the same components. The most important thing to know is that actual system reliability and efficiency will come from the quality of the installation.

    Most frequently installed HVAC products in Rochester.


    York TM8E

    • Single stage
    • High efficiency ECM blower
    • Warranty: lifetime heat exchanger, 10 yr. parts
    • 5 yr. Complete Assurance

    York TM9Y

    • Two stage
    • High efficiency ECM blower
    • Warranty: lifetime heat exchanger, 10 yr. parts
    • 5 yr. Complete Assurance

    Air Conditioner

    York YCD

    • Ozone friendly R-410A refrigerant
    • Quiet direct drive fan
    • Warranty: 10 yr. compressor, 10 yr. parts
    • 30% energy savings (vs. 10 SEER)

    York YCG

    • Ozone friendly R-410A refrigerant
    • Quiet direct drive fan
    • Warranty: 10 yr. compressor, 10 yr. parts
    • 41% energy savings (vs. 10 SEER)

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