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York YC2E

14.3 SEER2

Ozone Friendly R-410a Refrigerant

Quiet, Direct Drive Fan (73 dBA)

Warranty: 10 yr. Compressor, 10 yr. Parts

Price Range: $$

York YC2D

13.4 SEER2

Ozone Friendly R-410a Refrigerant

Quiet, Direct Drive Fan (74 dBA)

Warranty: 10 yr. Compressor, 10 yr. Parts

Price Range: $

York YC2F

15.2 SEER2

Ozone Friendly R-410a Refrigerant

Quiet, Direct Drive Fan (72 dBA)

Warranty: 10 yr. Compressor, 10 yr. parts

Price Range: $$

York yxv

20 SEER2

Ozone Friendly R-410a Refrigerant

Quiet, Direct Drive Fan (53 dBA)

Warranty: Lifetime Compressor, 10 yr. Parts

Price Range: $$$$

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Air Conditioner Brands?2023-05-19T15:40:59+00:00

First and foremost, York produces one of the best products on the market, but this does not mean much! Typically, when you are purchasing a new TV, kitchen appliance, smart phone, or anything else, you can search different review and comparison sites, and make an informed purchasing decision. With air conditioners, people usually default to doing the same thing, comparing break down rates, SEER ratings, etc.

This is a challenge with air conditioners, because reliability, efficiency, and life span are all directly impacted by the quality of the installation. Even the SEER of the unit is drastically decreased if the unit was not installed properly. In other words, a great technician can install a “low end” air conditioner, and it might run flawlessly for 20+ years. Conversely, a low quality or inexperienced technician can install one of the best rated air conditioners on the market, and it will never achieve its energy efficiency standards, break down every year, and need to be replaced in under 10 years.

In short, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner is the technician that will be installing it. With Mendon Heating and Cooling, you will meet the specific technician that will be installing your air conditioner during the initial estimate process. We do not operate a separate, commission based sales team, and every technician working in your home will have a minimum of 15 years of installation experience.

What is the Best Air Conditioner for Rochester NY?2023-05-19T15:31:27+00:00

Our opinion is that the York YC2D (13.4 SEER2) air conditioner makes the most sense for use in Rochester NY. Many sales people will tell you that a higher SEER unit will pay for itself in the way of energy savings. This is true, but homeowners need to consider the climate in Rochester, and the price difference between different air conditioners. In Rochester, we use our air conditioners for a very small portion of the year (versus somewhere like Arizona), which means that the payback period typically exceeds the life expectancy of the air conditioner, and does not justify the increase cost of the unit.

In general, a higher SEER rating indicates a more energy-efficient air conditioner. So, one might assume that a 17 SEER air conditioner would be more advantageous than a 14 SEER unit. However, several factors can influence the decision of which air conditioner makes more sense for a particular situation:

  1. Cost: Typically, higher SEER-rated air conditioners are more expensive upfront compared to lower SEER-rated models.
  2. Climate: The local climate plays a role in determining the cost-effectiveness of a higher SEER rating. In regions with long and hot summers, where the air conditioner operates frequently, the energy savings from a higher SEER unit can be more significant and offset the higher initial cost. In milder climates or areas with shorter cooling seasons (like Rochester), the energy savings may not be as substantial.
  3. Energy costs: The price of electricity in your area affects the potential savings of a higher SEER unit. If electricity rates are low, the energy savings from a higher SEER air conditioner may not make a substantial difference in overall costs.
  4. Usage patterns: If you use your air conditioner infrequently or for shorter periods, the energy savings from a higher SEER unit may not justify the increased cost.

It’s important to consider your specific circumstances, including your budget, climate, and energy usage patterns when choosing an air conditioner. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, and we can provide you with some recommendations and guidance for your specific home and situation.

Understanding SEER vs. SEER22023-05-19T15:32:15+00:00

SEER2 ratings are simply an updated version of the original SEER ratings. The actual air conditioning units do not change, SEER2 is simply a revised testing standard / calculation that is designed to more accurately mimic real world operating conditions as air conditioners are tested and rated.

The result is a lower number than what an air conditioner would receive with a standard SEER rating system, despite the equipment being identical. For example, a York YC2D is rated at 13.4 SEER2, which equates to 14 SEER with the old standard.

This is important to know when comparing estimates, because if quote is showing you a 14 SEER unit, and the other is showing you 13.4 SEER2, they are in fact the same. SEER2 ratings will be roughly 4.7% lower than a SEER rating, due to the new testing conditions. All new York models will reflect a SEER2 rating, per federal requirements.

What is SEER?2023-05-19T15:15:17+00:00

SEER ratings refer to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of an AC unit. It is a measure of an air conditioner’s cooling efficiency over an entire cooling season, taking into account both the energy consumed and the cooling output provided. The higher the SEER rating, the more electrically efficient the air conditioner is, which means it can provide the same level of cooling while using less energy.

SEER ratings are determined by dividing the total cooling output of the system in British thermal units (BTUs) by the total energy consumption in watt-hours. The U.S. Department of Energy sets minimum SEER requirements for air conditioners to promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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